Treatment and rehabilitation

Treatment and rehabilitation

We are curing since 1990 and we can boast about knowledge and experience. We are continuously increasing the standard of our services and we are developing by meeting the modernity and innovation.
As a family company, we care about patients so they will feel like home.

Our clinic is a facility that meets the highest standards of treatment and rehabilitation. We combine the traditions with modernity using the modern medical apparatus as well as therapeutic methods are known for thousands of years.
We are offering you a care of highly qualified medical staff, friendly atmosphere and individual approach to every patient, which gives better effects of treatment in very short time.

What do we treat?

We treat all types of spine and motor organs diseases and headaches. The treatment system in our clinic is set for activating the internal reserves of the organism and increase its resistance to stress.
We developed treatment system that allows many patients to avoid spine surgery in a very short period of two weeks. We are also very successful in the treatment of chronic neurological pains.
We also have wellness, active relaxation, anti-stress and activating the elderly programs.



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