Lumbago - pains in the lumbar spine
We are curing pains in the lumbar spine (lumbago) with the use of drug-free methods.

We are proposing intensive treatment program (6-10 treatments daily) eliminating pains that last approx. 10-14 days, that is adjusted individually to afflictions of every patient and his general health condition by clinic's doctor. The treatment plan is proposed after examination of patient and analysis of the examination outcome.

Why is it important not to wait for the treatment of lumbago and what risk ignoring symptoms brings?

It is estimated that 50-80% of society at some point in their life will experience the pains of the lumbar spine. Medical treatment is performed to 40% of people from this group.
Many patients are provided with information that their symptoms will be gone within 6 weeks from when it all started with the use of antiinflammatory drugs, painkillers and keeping an active lifestyle. Unfortunately, many of these people in future are experiencing another spinal pain attacks, that are characterized by increasing intensity of pain and longer duration.

It relates to psychosocial consequences. A sick person is not able to function property in the family and working life. For most of the people it results in a decrease of life satisfaction, and sometimes it can lead to states of depression.

Most of the patients, that are experiencing sciatica during the interview are reporting previous spinal pains, that were ignored or were not cured they way they should.
Such patients are usually forced to have longer treatment as a result of the extent of harm and due to previous spinal stress.

Many of patients that are visiting a physician with strong spinal pains that radiate to lower limbs after image exploration are send for surgery. Research indicates that up to 50% of these patients can be successfully conservatively treatment, even with neurological disorders.