Spine pains
Our clinic specializes in treating problems related to the spine.
- Sciatica - Discopathy - Lumbago
Our clinic specializes in treating headaches.
- Migraine headaches
Rehabilitation of athletes
In case of athletes we use rehabilitation programs that accelerate the treatment of injuries. 
- Cryogenic Chamber


In the heart of Bory Tucholskie our renowned rehabilitation clinic is at your disposal.

Beautiful surroundings
The latest medical technology
Satisfied patients
Experienced staff

A must for patient

Bookings can be made only via telephone. For the booking to be confirmed you must pay 500 PLN per person.

Next to the form you can ask questions related to treatment, rehabilitation and the stay in Krojanty itself. However, you cannot book the stay via the from or ask questions related to availability of rooms is specific term.

+48 52 398 5656
+48 52 398 5657

Please take with you:

Spine X-ray, basic tests results (urine, morphology), information cards and medical documentation, tracksuit or training outfit, sports shoes destined for indoor exercises, bathrobe, swimming cap, flip-flops and cotton outfit (with earmuffs and gloves) for the cryogenic chamber. Such outfit can be purchased in the clinic.

Payments for the treatment are to be issued during the stay. Available payment methods are cash, credit card or bank transfer.

Clinic has guarded parking lot.

There is the possibility of using the wireless Internet in destined places in the clinic.
Rooms and New Clinic and Clinic have access to the wireless Internet.

You can come with your animal (e.g. dog, cat, horse). Stay of the pet should be previously reported to the receptionist as a reason of limited places via phone during the booking process. Horses are provided with stable and paddock. The price of the animal stay is an addition of 15 PLN daily and single-time payment of 40 PLN for disinfection of room.

Payments for children that come with parents (without treatments):
 - from 3 to 7 years 70 PLN/day,
 - from 7 to 14 years 90 PLN/day,
 - children under 3 years of age free.

Rooms are equipped with safes, TV-SAT, tea and coffee making facilities, towels, hair dryers.

Diet should be discussed with your doctor.

Ask for stay and booking

News from clinic


Sty 2014

Spine diseases- prevention is better than cure

The spine throughout life is exposed to stimuli, which may contribute to the disorder of its functions resulting in serious pathological changed not only in bone structures but also ligaments, muscles, and discs that are located between the vertebral bodies having a very important function of cushioning.

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