Spine diseases- prevention is better than cure

Spine diseases- prevention is better than cure

The spine throughout life is exposed to stimuli, which may contribute to the disorder of its functions resulting in serious pathological changed not only in bone structures but also ligaments, muscles, and discs that are located between the vertebral bodies having a very important function of cushioning.
Unfortunately, nowadays spine hygiene is less and less respected. In schools children and teenagers and spending many hours in positions that are far from the correct and safe ones. The Same thing is happening to adults at work. Not many people remember to sit straight, symmetrically as well as standing and carrying things like a suitcase or a purse and in the case of physical work items of a specific branch. Not many people are focusing on the proper way of walking. We can bring out dozens of examples of incorrect treatment of the spine, but the focus should be put on the risk of ignoring the symptoms coming from the spine.

Spine diseases do not start when the symptoms are occurring in form of a pain, tingling, numbness or in worst cases paralysis of limbs or their parts. The occurrence of symptoms is a clear sign to begin rehabilitation. Do not delay going to a specialist of treating diseases of the spine, because every day of delay can lead to fixation of pathology and at the same time make the return to the possibility best physical and mental conditions longer. Initially, a small change can change very quickly into a large one, which removal will be possible only through surgery from which everyone would like to escape. Surgery, however, is the last resort, because surgical intervention comes with a risk of changes in other segments of a spine than the threatened one, in short time of surgery, if the patient in short time after the surgery is not living according to recommendations physiotherapist, manual therapist, chiropractor, osteopath.
Back problems very often start in a way invisible to the patient. Pain itself is a consequence of the emergence of pathology. For this reason, each of us should take care of your health before and ahead of the diseases that may come. It is not difficult. All you have to do is introduce to your day plan a simple set of strengthening and stabilizing exercises for spine as well as some stretching exercises that will help to maintain a normal, physiological flexibility of muscles and tendons. To function properly our spine needs a stable support, a strong scaffold that will ensure its safety even with overloads to which we are exposed every day. Nothing else will give that to us, but strong and flexible muscles.

This is why if we don't want to deal with things such as discographies posterior disc herniation (which can lead to popular these days sciatica, femoral neuralgia or paresis resulting from direct pressure on a nerve root or worse, on the spinal cord), we should systematically exercise initially with help of a therapist, and then alone at home. Even when we are not in pain we should visit a specialist that will evaluate the condition of our muscles and stability of segments of the spine and perform a massage, that will nourish our muscles and allows them to regenerate.

We should not wait for a moment when we will desperately look for help because the strong pain will not allow us to function and perform even simplest activities of everyday life.
We need to remember that we can prevent this in very easy way. All you need is a little bit of will and discipline. The prevention is way easier than curing, and the way to serious diseases is very short and often is a result of our negligence.
At the beginning incorrect posture, not enough good and correct physical activities will quickly lead us to pain. Discopathy will occur, that will change into a hernia giving a pressure on the spinal cord or the nerve, degenerative vertebral disturbing biomechanics of the spine will appear, movability will gradually be lower, the pain of the back, arms or legs will occur and in the further phase even paresis.

We can prevent all this so we should not wait and do something so we can be happy with a healthy spine for a very long time! Every day we are eating, showering, we are performing a whole lot of activities and so we should include at least few minutes of simple exercises in out daily plan and once or twice a year we should use the rehabilitation in Krojanty and for sure we will be healthy for a long time!