The time of treatment in our clinic lasts from 6 to 21 days. The treatment can be started any day of the week according to the booking after 3 p.m.

The price of stay depends on the type of room and vary from 270 to 380 PLN daily in 2-person room per person and 325 to 465 PLN in a 1-person room.
Apartments are in the price of 570 to 770 PLN daily (in the price of the apartment treatment is offered for 2 people, or 3 people in Sloneczy, Ulanski, and Czeresniowy apartments).

The price includes 6 -10 treatments daily (without cryogenic chamber), on Sunday's treatments in a range of physiotherapy, food (three meals daily) - Polish cuisine (diets and vegetarian cuisine can be ordered) and the hotel service.

Booking can be made via phone:

phone number: 52 39 856 56
phone number: 52 39 856 57

We would like to ask for notifying us about chosen dates of treatment. The confirmation of the booking is a deposit payment of 500 PLN per person with post office transfer or directly to our bank account:
Bank BPH SA w Krakowie I Oddział w Chojnicach
06 1060 0076 0000 4022 5000 9101
within a week from booking.

We would like to ask for attaching the information about the date of booking and your last name to the money transfer. For the stay, you can pay with bank account transfer to an above-mentioned account with cash or credit card.

In the case of resignation from treatment in the clinic the deposit will not be returned.

Booked stay can be rescheduled together with the deposit 3 weeks before the planned stay without loss of the deposit. Stay can be rescheduled only once. In other cases, a deposit will not be returned.

Spine X-ray, basic tests results (urine, morphology), information cards and medical documentation, tracksuit or training outfit, sports shoes destined for indoor exercises, bathrobe, swimming cap, flip-flops and cotton outfit (with earmuffs and gloves) for the cryogenic chamber. Such outfit can be purchased in the clinic.

Important information:

- there is a possibility of paying with credit cards,
- you can come to the clinic with an animal (e.g. dog, cat, horse),

Stay of the pet should be previously reported to the receptionist as a reason of limited places via phone during the booking process. Horses are provided with stable and paddock. The price of the animal stay is an addition of 15 PLN daily and single-time payment of 40 PLN for disinfection of room.

- the clinic has guarded parking lot.

Fee for children that come with parents (without treatments):

 - from 3 to 7 years 70 PLN/day,
 - from 7 to 14 years 90 PLN/day,
 - children under 3 years of age free.