Cryogenic chamber

Cryogenic chamber

Cryotherapy is successfully used for many years for all types of afflictions mainly rheumatoid-based. Cryotherapy is usually associated with spot cryotherapy. However, there is also one different type of cryotherapy so-called cryotherapy of the whole body, which because of required equipment and price of the cryogenic chamber is not that popular. Cryotherapy of the whole body is about putting a person in the cryogenic chamber, where the temperature is reaching from -120 °C -130 °C. For the chronotherapeutic effect, it is important for the entire surface of the body to be cooled down including head, on the surface where most of the thermoreceptors are located that are responsible for the therapeutic effect.

Cryotherapy uses physiological and systemic reactions to cold in order to support the basic treatment and improvement of the treatment of motor abilities. In the process of treatment and rehabilitation extremely low temperatures are used that are reaching -120 °C up to -130 °C, achieved thanks to the use of liquid air.

After the cryotherapy treatments, the kinesitherapy is required for the treatment to have a theraupetic effect. Kinesitherapy is a set of exercises on physiotherapy devices that usually lasts 20-30 minutes.
The purpose of physiotherapy is to restore movement stereotypes, which will prevent stresses.

Thanks to the treatment in the low-temperature chamber (at least 8-14 treatments) the improvement is more intensive and general. It enables the reduction or discontinues use of painkillers or anti-inflammatory drugs for many-month remissions of chronic diseases.

The low-temperature chamber has a wide use in preventive treatments, regular treatments, and rehabilitation.

The most valuable effects of general cryotherapy treatments are:

- active, peripheral tissue congestion, which results in better metabolism and faster elimination of harmful products of the metabolism thank to which it enables faster healing of injuries and inflammations,
- the feeling of subjective painless, which facilitates greater intensity and efficiency of use of the motor rehabilitation (cryorehabilitation), which in the case of repeated cryotherapy treatments lasts for a long time,
- relaxation of skeletal muscles, strengthening its power,
- reduction of swelling of the joints and soft tissue,
- increased immunity,
- the increase of the level of hormones in the blood serum,
- positive effect on psyche (level of fear, anxiety and irritability reduction, an increase of perception and decision-making process as well as the strength of the Central Nervous System to tiredness),
- strengthening of the structure of surface blood vessels,
- improvement of skin tone and favorable cosmetic effects,
- delay of the aging process (antioxidant effect)
- biological recovery of the organism,
- improvement of comfort, relax, vitality.