Targumed - a device for evaluation and rehabilitation of spine pains.

Tergumed is a unique program of exercises that is used in pain of the whole spine – cervical, thoracic and lumbar.
Tergumed is five stations (four for the thoracic and lumbar spine, and one for the neck) that are meant to test and train the muscles of the spine that are responsible for its stabilization and work. All devices that are part of the Tergumed system is equipped with a sensor, measuring module and laptop. Every device from the Tergumed series works with the use of biomechanics and ergonomy rules, tank to which you can work fast and effectively.

Before starting the appropriate training, the patient has a functional test on every device with use of biofeedback. Biofeedback is about following the curves that appear on the computer screen. The patient must try to redo the original.

Detail training plan and way of its implementation are created based on a medical diagnosis of test on the Tergumed system.

Tergumed devices are helpful with:
- Intervertebral discs (tearing of the disk protrusion)
- Vertebral fractures
- Spine injuries treated conservatively and surgically
- Degenerative disease of the spine
- Lateral curvature of the spine
- General strengthening of the trunk muscles as prevention from overload of the spine

Immediately after the end of the test on chosen device of the Tergumed system result are automatically displayed. Test results are compared with the reference data, and then based on he individual training program is created for every patient.