Classic massage
Is one of the most popular and the most often used massages. During the classic massage most popular massaging techniques are used: stroking, rubbing, kneading and tapping of certain parts of the body.
The skin becomes more oxygenated and the blood supply is better which results in improves flexibility and gives healthy look. Classic massage enables to eliminate tensions in the area of spine, back muscles and shoulder and corrects changes in the human skeleton. Moreover, it has a positive effect on the psyche, improves the mood and well-being - patient during the massage is calmed down and relaxed.

Massage is enriched with special rehabilitation techniques. Such massage relaxes and nourishes the paraspinal tissues, kills the pain, brings the relief and improves functional capabilities (mobility) of the spine.
Lymphatic massage
This type of massage has different techniques it is performed slowly and gently, does not result in heating of the body; basic use of the manual lymphatic drainage is possibility of performing the massage at the moment when the patient is dealing with:
- ecchymosis
- swelling
- other skin changes coming from disorders of lymph circulation, for example. cellulite.
Lymphatic drainage is especially important after removal of lymph nodes, because it results in draining the excess of lymph to other lymph nodes– in this case, use of the lymphatic drainage is priceless; apart from above mentioned uses the effective weight loss effect of the lymphatic drainage was noted, as well as firming and rejuvenation of skin.

La Stone Therapy (on the American license)
La Stone Therapy Massage causes a surge of positive energy, easing of the muscle tension and deep relaxation. It is a massage with the use of hot and cold stones (hot basalt stones and cold marble stones). It is a connection of Ceremony of the American Indian and medicine tradition of the Far East. Stones have a great power, which property used can have to give positive results. In our bodies there are energy centers so-called chakras, which are creating a map of the person with use of which the experienced masseur is moving. They are located in the neighborhood of endocrine glands and they stimulate their work.
Hot stones with contact with the body are giving away its valuable energy bringing back its correct flow in channels and energy chakras of the body.
Massage with stones: eliminates tensions and muscle pains, deeply warms up the organism, accelerates the blood circulation, have relaxation and detox effect.
The treatment is especially recommended for stressed people, people that are tired or are dealing with increased muscle tensions, rheumatism, and joint problems.

Tibetan Singing Bowls Massage
It is a deeply relaxing massage with the use of sound, which creates self-treatment conditions for the organism and self-regulation of life processes. It is used in Tibet for over three thousand years.
Tibetan Singing Bowls Massage helps with: elimination of stress and relaxation by relaxation of muscles and blockades, has anxiolytic and antidepressant influence, helps with headaches and migraines, recommended with spine diseases, rheumatism, and gout, insomnia, a positive effect on creativity and concentration.